60% of Americans Think a Recession is Likely Next Year

The recession fears that dominated the markets and the financial press have made their way into the homes of Americans. According to a newly released poll by ABC News/Washington Post:

Trump has slipped by a slight 5 percentage points specifically on his handling of the economy, from 51% approval in midsummer to 46% now. Fewer — 35% — approve of his handling of trade negotiations with China, and 60% are concerned that the trade dispute will raise the price of things they buy.

In another measure, Trump gets far more criticism than credit for his economic stewardship. Americans by nearly a 3-1 margin, 43-16%, say his trade and economic policies have increased rather than decreased the chance of a recession in the next year.

Still, a majority of Americans, 56%, have a positive view of the economy. But this figure is down from 65% in a similar poll given by ABC News/Washington Post last November.

Meanwhile, Robert Shiller sees less than a 50% chance of a recession in 2020. Shiller won the Nobel Prize for economics and predicted the dot-com bust of the early 2000s and warned of last decade’s housing crisis. Shiller said he, “‘wouldn’t be at all surprised’ if a recession begins next year, but he doesn’t have the sense of foreboding he had during the dotcom bubble in 2000.”


  1. All propaganda pushed by MSM, for hopeful failure of a president. I would rather pay a little more for items, that have China become a world powerhouse, because they ship us everything and don’t take anything from us.

    • long term, China is enemy number one. The commies have been stealing from us for years and are also getting ready for war with America

  2. This is a lie! The media and the liberals are pushing a fake news story to try and shake the support for President Trump but it is all a hoax and a pack of lies to try and hoodwink Americans. Ain’t so!

    • I agree. There is no reason or indicators of a coming recession. Everything Trump has done is making the economy very strong. These articles are a bunch of bull.

    • Great point! The fake recession is all media driven. They and the democrats are pounding that as hard as they can. We have a great economy but the media will not acknowledge it. The media does not ever mention anything positive that the president has done. But they sure jump on a little black line on a map.

  3. I wouldn’t trust anything connected with ABC and the Washington Post and their Democratic leftist minions as far as I could lift my house and throw it.

  4. “Most” Americans R as “dumb as dirt”!! Who is asking these surveys? Most Americans
    would not know an “economic recession” from a “dental impression”! Why would any red blooded American believe anything from the “Washington Com-Post”?? How can anyone who believes N the “Red, White, & Blue” disapprove of our current Chief Executive?? He is pro-America thru & thru – he believes N American Free Enterprise – he believes N American military strength – he believes N “domestic tranquility” – he wants to “establish Justice” – wants to maintain “a more perfect Union” = he wants to “promote the general welfare” & “secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves & our posterity” – explain how anyone can find a negative comment on a man is for all of the above?/

  5. A lesson in how propaganda works. If the fake news media says it enough, because of a dedicated hatred of President Trump, it might become true. The fake news media hopes to scare America into a sense of insecurity. Indicators show the economy is strong. Pay no attention to the fake news media! Enjoy prosperity!

  6. Wishful thinking on the part of the Deep State, New World Order and Socialist Elites who want so badly to keep the status remaining the same as has been going on since 1913 (the misnomered federal reserve and Direct Taxation)!!!!

  7. TAke a look at this. The democrats are trying for the scare of impeachment. But it goes deeper. If they can convince America they are going to impeach it will cause a market fall and push us into recession. George Soros and his buddies, who control most of the market, will see to that. Then they will blame the recession on the president and use that for a political warp. Recession is coming, no doubt about that. It doesn’t matter which party wins 2020. But these liberal pos are trying to push us into it for political purposes.

  8. If there is a recession it will be an orchestrated recession by the Socialists Democrat party and their propaganda lapdogs the MSM!
    Anything to win, any crime, any lie!

  9. they will do and say anything they can to make people believe that it’s our President’s fault for the recession. No matter what they say, it doesn’t matter anymore. After the fake Russia collusion, the racism, they can’t still get our President. Now, they are after the economy cuz that’s the only way that they think they can take him out for the 2020 election. they’re not going to win if our President remains in the office. They think we are so dump not to be able to figure out what they have been doing.

  10. so this is from Washington Post and other left wing idiots.

    They really hit the nail on the head with their election poll, WHAT CRAP!

  11. The enemy of the people, the fake media, Hollywood, the elites wish for a recession. Remember Trump already told us it can be a recession if China do not come to its sense during trade. But is going to be temporary. I will gladly pay more for stuff, as long as China is being stopped from being the first in the world. Only Trump can do it. MAGA.

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