5 Ways a Joe Biden Presidency Could Impact Your Money | A Tax Increase, The Green New Deal & More

Will American’s choose Donald Trump or Joe Biden? With Election Day fast approaching, Americans should consider how the election could impact their hard-earned savings.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the brought the national and global economy to its knees. stock markets in the US and abroad tanked, putting a big dent in investor funds and retirement accounts like 401(k)s.

But before COVID hit, the economy roared along, with record-low unemployment rates and investors profited from the longest bull market in history. President Trump slashed regulation and cut taxes, leading to what some called a golden age for American business.

So, investors and business owners know what to expect from another four years of a Trump presidency. But polls show Joe Biden ahead and the odds-on favorite to win in November. So, what kind of a business and market environment could we see with a Biden presidency? Let’s examine the 5 ways a Biden win could impact your wallet.

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Comments (2)

  1. Patricia Sanders

    I expect to vote for Trump. However I am concerned about the Bill where my social security that I and my husband paid in to find he plans to do away with Bill WHERE I receive my social security income. This is my only income. I’m 76 soon to be 77 and yo.
    Me Trump. Plan to do away with my income. How am I supposed to survive? I barely make ends meet as it is. I’ve donated to your campaign and am proud to do so. But at this rate either communism or die starving to death. My future looks very bleak. You plan to pad the pockets of the working man. Our social security fund has been stolen from us by you rich politicians. You stand up there and say take care of the elderly how by getting rid and forgetting about us!!!!!

    • Patricia Sanders

      Please I beg of youu don’t make me sorry for voting for you

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