373 Workers at One Meat Plant Test Positive: None Had Symptoms

Meat-packing plants across the nation are testing employees for Covid-19, trying to stay ahead of the virus while keeping their plants running and the U.S. supplied. At the Triumph Foods pork processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri 373 workers tested positive for the virus.

But here’s the thing, none of them showed any symptoms.

In keeping with company policy, all of them must stay home in self-isolation until they test negative for the virus.

This creates quite a conundrum.  If we test all workers in all meat-packing plants, we’re likely to find many infected workers, who then must be sent home.  We will be creating the very labor shortage in food supply chain that we’re trying to avoid.

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Comments (4)

  1. Shawn Bergman

    From what I have found out there is a great many false positives
    And another thing who eats raw meat the very FACT we cook it means putting works on stay at home orders tells me you are collaborating with those who want to bankrupt America

    • Robert M Liu

      Who eats raw meat? Well, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi certainly does. Have a listen to what she has to say on almost every issue and to her typical strange logic and you may come to wonder if she eats raw meat! I’m sure she does!

  2. Warren Shepherd

    But the important question is: how many tested positive for covid-19 antibodies? Perhaps most of these workers were thus already immune to the virus (by virtue of developing the antibodies). If they were, they were thus unable to infect others and unable to be infected again to get sick.

    Antibody testing shows how close we are to herd immunity and thus to the extinquishment of the viral spread.

    • Robert M Liu

      Right! This also means the mortality rate regarding Covid 19 is much lower than the media have made it out to be.

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