14% of Men Aroused by Their… Smart Speakers?

This doesn’t make sense, but did make the news.

Sex toy maker WeVibe surveyed 1,000 men in Britain during the pandemic and found that 14% report being aroused by the voice on Amazon’s smart speaker, Alexa. They note that it’s the authoritative and controlling nature of the voice that gets to them.

It sounds weird because, well, it is.

U.K.-based psychologist Lucy Beresford notes that this can become a self-fulfilling problem as we use more technology during the lockdown, which creates a cycle whereas people who are sexually drawn to machines robots and other such gadgets, called technosexuals, will enjoy the interaction and want even more. This can lead to them cutting themselves off from human relationships.

Given that WeVibe has a vested interest in people enjoying gadgets, the survey isn’t convincing as evidence that we face a problem. However once men can buy dolls or robots that will also do the housework, and women can buy gadgets that will automatically handle the lawn and the trash, all bets are off.

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